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Diaphragm metering pump principle&common problems


Diaphragm Metering Pump principle _

Diaphragm Metering Pump is commonly used in production and life of a pump, let's introduce its working principle and common faults.

Diaphragm metering pump works


(1) the use of diaphragm before and after the action of the diaphragm and the pump head changes between the ball valve up and down movement to form a vacuum adsorption and push phenomenon to achieve the purpose of liquid delivery.

① When the diaphragm is pulled backwards, the outlet ball valve falls tightly close to the ball seat, the inlet ball valve rises upward due to the vacuum generated between the diaphragm and the pump head, and the liquid is sucked up.

② When the diaphragm is pushed forward, the inlet ball valve and the ball seat are airtight, so that the liquid will not pass, and the outlet is pushed forward by the diaphragm so that the ball valve is opened and the liquid is spit out.

(2) By the above principle of action we can simply know the diaphragm, pump head, ball valve ball seat caused by any one of the factors of leakage can not achieve the purpose of delivery, or abnormal flow, the usual failure is:

① ball seat and ball valve can not be airtight

② entrance, exit foreign body obstruction

③ damaged diaphragm

Therefore, if the liquid is transported abnormally, the handling in this respect should be resolved. The factors that cause the above situation are too numerous to mention. We can only determine the condition of piping, fittings and operation at that time.

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